Our Philosophy

Treehouse ELC respectfully acknowledges ‘The Yugumbah People’ the Traditional Custodians, of the lands on which our Centre is placed. Treehouse also pays respects to Elders past and present. Treehouse ELC recognises, acknowledges and respects the truly unique place of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and language within our country and in our community.

Our Centre Philosophy underpins and guides all aspects of our practice and services operations.
Treehouse ELC is inspired by the ‘Reggio Emilia Approach’ which has been developed in the heart of Northern Italy and continues to inspire early childhood education today. The educators and management of Treehouse ELC embrace the image of the child as capable, confident, creative and active in their construction of knowledge, on their own and with others. We believe that the early years are the most fundamental for each child in developing their belonging, being, becoming and overall wellbeing. A strong sense of connection and encouragement enable positive attitudes to learning.

As pedagogical Leaders we are facilitators of children’s learning and provide the space, time and resources for children to actively engage in the learning
process which is based on play, seeing the environment as the third teacher with its potential to inspire the children. We believe that space should encourage collaboration, communication and exploration1. Educators actively observe, plan, implement and reflect on not only the learning for children and how they
might extend this, but their own learning with the belief that we are partners with children in the construction of knowledge. There will be an emphasis on carefully displaying and documenting children’ thoughts and progression of thinking, making their learning visible to show the child’s learning process. Our educators are guided by the approved frameworks and reinforce in their daily practices the principles laid out in the UN Convention on the rights of the child and the code of ethics.

A strong sense of health and wellbeing supported by good nutrition and an active lifestyle provides children with confidence, energy and optimism that contributes to their ability to concentrate, contribute and learn, therefore we aim to provide strategies for each child to gain knowledge to learn about an overall healthy lifestyle including nutrition and physical fitness by leading by example and providing not only the children but families with useful information
and activities that will promote positive lifelong patterns and encourage children to take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing.

Educators at Treehouse ELC believe that it is through close, positive and mutually respectful relationships with our children, families, the community and each other; we can be successful in maintaining high-quality standards in all areas. We encourage partnerships with our families as we recognise Parents as each child’s first teachers and understand that with their active contribution to their child’s learning journey, children are more likely to become lifelong learners.

We are committed to embedding the perspectives of our Nation’s First people into all areas of our Service, understanding the richness and depth it brings to every experience and how this can contribute positively to relationships between Indigenous and non-indigenous cultures. The educators at Treehouse ELC embrace the richness and diversity of Australian society in an environment where all children: feel valued and respected for who they are and respected by those around them. This will be consistently reflected in our Calendar of events and daily practices. All families have a range of diverse social and cultural practices that are respected and incorporated into our curriculum. Our Cultural Leader Vallyn Artango supports Educators in embedding this area of strength.

Treehouse ELC is committed to maintaining continuous improvement in all areas of the National Quality Framework, Early Years Learning Framework and Kindergarten Guidelines. We aim to include families and children where possible in this commitment by providing a Quality Improvement Plan that everyon can contribute to at any time.

Our service is committed to ensuring a comprehensive induction process is in place to give educators the tools to succeed in their roles within our service. Through reflective practices and being guided by EYLF, NQF, QKLG and Reggio Emilia we are able to provide an ever-evolving environment which allows for intentional teaching and spontaneous learning. Treehouse ELC management aims to assist educators in extending their professional development as a continuous process and will encourage a high standard of work ethic and moral throughout the Centre in an effort to maintain the importance of educator continuity, enabling a stable and familiar environment for the children to develop their learning and wellbeing.

We will provide every child with a safe, warm, fun and friendly place to belong, a home away from home to enjoy each and every moment, and a place to dream about all the possibilities the future holds so that all our children grow into competent, imaginative, critical thinkers that are confident, happy, creative and active and informed citizens of the future regardless of gender, age, race, religion, ability, disability or culture.

Above all, we will continue to smile, laugh and have fun with the children and each other throughout the day! After a11, if we all have fun, we will continue to learn together!

Updated September 2019 by Educators, Families and Management.