Banksia Tree 15 months – 24 months

The Banksia Tree room exhibits the necessity for a safe, nurturing strategy to recognise the needs and desires of the children in this room. The daily routine is also typical of the children’s enthusiasm for each day, yet we aim to maintain the routine so to add to each child’s level of assent and security within the Banksia Tree scene.

We strongly encourage positive relations with families and work collectively to provide your child with daily experiences that are familiar to them while also respecting your family ethics and culture.

Fig Tree 24 months – 36 months

The Fig Tree room is a continuation of the care and support from the Banksia Tree room. The children come into the Fig Tree room growing more confident in areas of development, the centre of social and emotional development is provided while incorporating the addition of age-appropriate learning.

The daily routine is fun and delivers child-reflective practices which are for cognitive, fine motor, gross motor and language skills. The daily events are determined from the perceptions of each child and reflected through individual, small and large group activities that foster and support each child’s day with a holistic path.

Gum Tree 36 months – 48 months

The Gum Tree room is a lot more challenging than the Fig Tree room. As the Gum Tree room is larger, the children are now able to use the skills they have obtained to engage in both interactive and solitary play. We firmly maintain that learning comes through play, so experiences are not only from the child’s observed needs and age suitability yet also from what the children choose.

The Gum Tree room is where we support and encourage significant independence, self-help skills, self-awareness, free choice projects, and learning via trial and error.

Cedar Tree 48 months

The cedar Tree room is the outcome of the learning the children have achieved during the last 4 – 5 years. Children are gaining identity, direction, communication skills and independence as to how they would like their day to be. For this reason, we can focus on each child’s strengths, interests and needs to plan each day with a manageable daily routine. Children are offered various opportunities to include themselves in activities for learning areas like science, maths, reading, writing, social and emotional, fine motor and gross motor skills.

Although these areas are offered at Treehouse Early Learning Centre throughout age groups, we can expand these skills more promptly with the Cedar Tree children in readiness for school. The Queensland Kindergarten Program is already part of the Treehouse Early Learning Centre, therefore employing a 4-year qualified Early Childhood Teacher to lead this class.